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        Introduction to Taicang Guoxin Agricultural Technology Park Co., Ltd.

        The company is a professional agricultural development engaged in agricultural technology development, agricultural project investment, agricultural development. Agricultural Technology Park invested and developed by Taicang Guoxin Agricultural Technology Park Co., Ltd. affiliated to the company is located in Zhonghe Village, Shaxi Town, Taicang, with total planning area of 900mu, constructed in three phases. The park is divided into pollution-free vegetable, high-quality fruit forest, aquaculture, greening nursery stock, flower cultivation, leisure angling, fungus cultivation, etc., as a modern agricultural technology park that integrates production, tourism, demonstration, technology.

        With the operation idea of “scientific, harmonious, sustainable development”, the company is committed to creating a coordinated process including scientific research, production, promotion; supporting farming, breeding, planting; trade, agriculture, science integrated “high-yield, high-quality, high-efficiency, ecological” modern agricultural technology demonstration park, and is committed to constructing the park into the “efficient agricultural display center”, “promotion center of technology agriculture”, “cultivation center of new type agriculture”, “processing center of agricultural product” in Taicang. The company is willing to cooperate with all walks of life to make due contribution to new rural construction and agricultural development!

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