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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Property Management Co., Ltd.

        The company is a comprehensive property management company that integrates residence, business and office, large commercial plaza management, as the member enterprise affiliated to Suzhou Guoxin Group, with good social image.

        With the tenet of “owner first, service supreme”, the company always starts and ends with the owner’s satisfaction, pursues sincere service idea, normative service content, brand service image and first-class service quality.

        The company abides by the operation principle that combines objective management, quality management and coordination management, insists on taking the road of knowledge, normalization, professionalization, standardization, and is committed to creating safe, tidy, comfortable, elegant living and office environment for the owner.

            Contact: Qian Lingling

            Tel.: 0512-53563555

            E-mail: qll@szguoxin.com

            Fax: 0512-53563595


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