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        Introduction to Dongyuan (Tianjin) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

        Established in 2011, with the registered capital of RMB 150 million, Dongyuan (Tianjin) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is established by Suzhou Guoxin Financial Investment Group and seniors in the industry on the basis of common operation idea, registered in Asset Management Association of China, as a comprehensive investment management institution specialized in asset management, equity investment and management investment consulting business, etc.

        The company always adheres to the corporate culture of “professional, devoted, win-win”, and creates “one-stop” comprehensive service platform for the listed company. At present, the main business of the company is divided into nine segments, including private placement, M&A fund, asset securitization and overseas investment, securities PB, supply chain service, wealth management, overseas capital market service, overseas industrial investment fund and private placement industrial guide fund.

        Through continuous development in recent years, Dongyuan Investment has formed new asset management system with the core of mezzanine capital, with strong market competitiveness and sustainable development, constructs investment and financing ecosphere serving the listed company, and creates full chain comprehensive system integrating investment, financing, management. Up to September 30, 2017, the accumulated management scale of Dongyuan Investment has been more than RMB 35 billion, the inventory scale has been more than RMB 15 billion, in which the accumulated market value management scale of private placement product is about RMB 20 billion, the inventory scale is about RMB 8 billion, and all managed products have realized positive income.

        According to the statistics of Simuwang, up to December 31, 2012, for the annual income of all sunshine private fund products inChina, the private placement fund income managed by Dongyuan Investment ranks the fifth, and wins the best event driven policy hedge fund in the year. According to the statistics of research center of Duichongwang, The annual income of Dongyuan Investment ranked the third among all domestic sunshine private funds in 2012, among the list of Suntime private funds, Dongyuan Investment won “the second place of limited partnership group among Chinese private funds in 2012”. Among the income list of Licai sunshine private fund in 2014, the average income of fund under Dongyuan Investment was 126.48% in 2014, ranking the first in Beijing, and the second in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

        Website link: http://www.easternspringcapital.com/

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