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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd.

        Established in April 2011, with the registered capital of RMB 300 million, Suzhou Guoxin Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the financial investment management company wholly funded by Suzhou Guoxin Group. The main business of investment industry covers supply chain financial service, guarantee, small loan, insurance agency, equity investment in financial institution and quasi-financial institution, privately offered fund and wealth management, etc. With the principle of being “active, stable, prudent, flexible”, in virtue of abundant capital strength, excellent financial talent team and strict internal management system, through continuous exploration and efforts in recent years, the company has achieved certain development, the business mode has become mature, with rich operation experience and solid development 


                Contact: Li Mingjie

                Tel.: 0512-53209511

                E-mail: limj@szguoxin.com

                Fax: 0512-53995506


        Suzhou Guoxin Group Co., Ltd. ? Copyright 2012~2023 registration No.: 蘇ICP備05049868號

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