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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Group Xinshun Import and Export Co., Ltd.

        The company mainly focuses on general import and export trade, operates processing with purchased material, processing with supplied material, processing with supplied sample, trade compensation, etc. The company has good cooperative partners in all continents in the world, has good cooperation with domestic manufacturers, and owns high-quality and reliable goods source base. The company is accelerating to be in line with international standard, marching towards the goal of being a company with strong market competitiveness and industrial influence, providing more high-quality products and service to the customer. Main business: garment, plastic product, hardware product, combustion improver, etc.

        Contact: Lu Zhibing

        Tel.: 0512-53567862

        E-mail: lzb@szguoxin.com

        Fax: 0512-53955212

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