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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Group Taicang Risheng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

        The company is a professional foreign trade company with independent legal person qualification and import and export operation right, mainly engaged in operation of textile, pet product and cooperation in import and export business, and tries to extend to import of energy, resource product and deep processing. The product is mainly sold to: Europe,U.S.,Japan,Australia, etc. Over years of operation, the company has formed certain scale.

        Providing customer with perfect service is our pursuit forever, and we expect to create better future for more domestic and foreign customers!

        Main exported products: garment, textile fabric, pet product, beddings, hats, articles of everyday use, etc.

        Contact: Zhang Zuiye

        Tel.: 0512-53562057

        E-mail: zzy@szguoxin.com

        Fax: 0512-53995520


        Suzhou Guoxin Group Co., Ltd. ? Copyright 2012~2023 registration No.: 蘇ICP備05049868號

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