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        Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Trade Group Co., Ltd.

        Established in April 2011, Suzhou Guoxin Trade Group is one of the three professional subsidiary groups under Suzhou Guoxin Group, invests in 7 import and export companies and relevant industry. The main business covers operation and agency of import and export of various companies and technologies; import and export business consulting, trade consulting service; international transportation agency of goods imported and exported by sea, land, air; transacting customs procedure, customs clearance and relevant consulting service, etc.

        During the “12th Five-year Program”, the group actively promotes transformation of trade growth mode and innovation of business mode, tries to develop strategic cooperation, constantly develops domestic and foreign new market and new business, has accumulatively completed import and export amount of USD 3.1 billion, with total trade volume of RMB 36 billion. The trade has covered more than 90 countries and regions in the world, with overseas industrial bases established inTanzania,Kenya, etc. in Africa, and branches set in Hong Kong,Japan,U.S., etc., and international trade has become one of the important pillar industries of Guoxin Group.

        During the “13th Five-year Program”, Trade Group will continue to promote optimization and integration of resources in the trade segment, stably develop own operation of import and export business, act well as the sales and purchase general agent of foreign merchants in China, continue to deep explore trade-commerce-investment-financing integrated development direction, extend service depth and width, innovate product and service core capacity, innovate cooperation mode, develop new strategic cooperation of higher level with growth entity especially the listed company, develop bulk commodity trade, futures trade, hedging business, etc.; accelerate construction of e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce platform, explore new retail business form, gradually promote trade business from offline to online and offline, explore Internet progress of the industry.


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